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THE SALVATION ARMY VALUATION GUIDE FOR DONATED ITEMS The following is a list of the average prices in our thrift stores if the items are in good condition. New or expensive items would be higher and damaged material less. This list is for your guidance only. There are of course variables such as condition age antique value cleanliness repair needed and value when new. Furniture Air Conditioner Bars Bar Stools Bed Complete - Double Bed Complete - Single Bicycles Chest Clothes Closet China...
June 17, 2015
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Hello everyone welcome to another brutalmission this one is called salvation andit is the last mission of the mainlegacy of the void campaign it is in mytop 5 or perhaps my top three hardestmissions of of the entire game now in ityou have to protect the Keystone untilit recharges there will be enemiesstreaming from three lanes or threepaths and your allies will protect eachone you'll have two Dark Templar to theleft the preservers to the right I meanthe purifiers excuse me to the right andin the middle you have to tell the ringenemies will pour in there will be a lotof zerg incoming and the golden ormodern home what is the Golden Arm Allahit's Protoss units a lot of Protossships we're talking carriers tempestScouts more prisms and alongside them onthe ground you'll get colossi immortalsand rivers so heavy duty Protoss armywill attack here and there you arelimited to two bases I recommend takingthe second base as soon as you can andyou will also lose your ship abilities Ithink that about the 10 minute mark iswhen you lose your first ship abilityand then from that point you beginlosing the rest within about a fiveminute interval so at the 10th minuteyou will lose the first seconds of the15 third at the 20th and then at the25th the last ability you always losethem in the order as far as I can tellat least from left to right so use themwisely the key here how did I do it wellit was dark archons I've looked up someinformation about this one and I thinksome people are saying that mass tellthe Reem void ray works well but for meit was the dark archons I did have somecolossi as well because you do getstreams of surgeries like zerglings andhigh-risk and so on and the Colossusreally helps what seems to be essentialis to defend the basis of your allies inother words you shouldn't let them fallwhatmean each of them have a nexus and ifthe enemy destroys the Nexus they'regone I do believe the units they producegradually become stronger so hold on toyour allies as much as you can obviouslyat the very end when the Keystone is atabout 90 percent you will get almost anuninterruptible stream of Units comingto you and one of my first attempts atthat point all of my allies were goneand as soon as that stream came in Icould never get past like 97% or so Iwould just get completely overwhelmed nomatter what I did and so you kind ofneed your allies so they can hold for afew extra percentages till we can get itand the main strategy of course gettingto it is the dark archonsresearch the dark archons ability tomind control and use it on the Protossgolden or mother not so much the scoutsbut really everything else is veryuseful try to get as many carriers andtempest as you can also try and getColossus and Reavers so get as many ofthose as possible the thing about themind control is that it does not add toyour supply not at allso the more you mind control the betternow how do you most efficiently mindcontrol um you have...